11D Eastern Europe Tour in Pictures (Part 1: Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช)

Europe’s far down on my bucket list but last year I rediscovered the beauty and charm that Europe holds that can’t be found elsewhere.

Booked an 11D Eastern Europe Tour with Let’s Go Europe (LGE) at a really great rate โ€” excluding 12 meals, insurance and our own spendings. The meal arrangement was fine for us cause it meant we could eat whatever we wanted to!

We did have an enjoyable time despite it being a tour. It wasn’t too rushed and we had enough time to sleep, usually reaching the hotel at 7/8++pm. Departure time for most days was 8am, with lots of time to rest during the bus rides.

Cost: ~SGD3,000/pax
Includes flights with Lufthansa, accommodation in 4* hotels, 8 breakfasts + 1 lunch + 4 dinners, service fee/additional excursions: โ‚ฌ260
Duration: 11 Days in December 2018
Technically 9 days in Europe, 2 days for flights


  • Long bus journeys (understandable because of the places we were going)
  • Eating Chinese food for 3 meals (I did not go to Europe to eat Chinese food!!! But this was understandable as well cause we went during the Christmas period which meant the closing of almost all European stores)
  • Going during Christmas period = closure of many stores (but our tour manager made things work around it and we still managed to go wherever was intended)
The 9-Day route: Germany > Czech Republic > Slovakia > Hungary > Austria > Germany

Day 1

Lufthansa served dinner at 1++am?!?!? I was greedy so I took it though I should’ve been sleeping.

Day 2ย 
Germany: Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Nuremberg
Hotel: Arvena Kongress (4*)

Heidelberg, 10.15am: Happy to be in a quaint little town – away from the city.ย 
Heidelberg: The medieval town.
Heidelberg: Christmas market!
Arvena Kongress Hotel.
The room – clean and decent.

Coming up:

Slovakia & Hungary


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