Paradise 1-Hour Away: Club Med Bintan ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡©

Oh, Club Med. What a beautiful concept you have — an all-inclusive holiday with a great mix of food, wellness, fitness, entertainment and alcohol.

I’ve always had a great impression of Club Med ever since I’ve been to the one at Cherating Beach but for years I never considered going to Club Med again because of its price point. Back then I think each person had to pay a membership fee on top of the package rate but I guess they’ve done away with that?

Anyhoo, my friends and I didn’t have the luxury of time to go on a long trip and it didn’t make sense to spend on air tickets for such a short duration so we decided on Club Med Bintan!

For 3D2N during an off-peak period (after the March Holidays), we paid SGD487/pax which included the ferry tickets and transfer. It might seem a little bit pricey for a short trip but considering the fact that it includes EVERYTHING, I’d say it’s really worth it.

We took the 11.10am ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and reached the resort before 12.00pm. We checked in, settled down and immediately headed over to the Waterfall Restaurant for lunch.

Loads of activities to do! This was given to us at the Club Med office at Bandar Bentan Telani ferry terminal
Greeted with this view after getting our room keys
Walking to our rooms which, if I remember correctly was at Block E, is at one end of the resort
The Superior Room (Balcony) for 2
Room’s decent and pretty spacious
Flying trapeze – open to all! (During certain hours)
LUNCH! All meals are provided for and are done so in buffet-style. If you dare say you’re not fed enough in Club Med, I’d say there’s something wrong with you
Took the rest of the day to explore the compound, chill and take part in some activities
The beach!
Went kayaking + stand up paddling
It was pretty gloomy but thankfully it didn’t rain
Headed to the pool to suntan and indulge in the free-flow drinks
The drinks menu at the bars (free)
Paradise 🌴
Badminton, tennis, squash, futsal and basketball courts available for use — equipment all provided for. We played badminton and I was DRENCHED with my sweat
Dinner time!





Show of the night: A Million Dreams
A ‘reenactment’ of snippets of A MIllion Dreams + other talent showcases. It was pretty impressive!
A glimpse of the lounge area at night





Day 2

We were lucky to arrive on the date where the monsoon season was just over. This meant that today was the day they resumed the snorkelling activity! Only 18 slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis; no advanced bookings are allowed. You’ll need to show up at the activity hut in-person on the day of the snorkelling trip, 1 hour prior, and reserve your slot.

We woke up early for breakfast at 7++am and 2 of us went to the hut at 8.50am to reserve for the 10am – 12pm timeslot. Because it rained in the morning (it was a pretty heavy downpour), the morning snorkelling session was cancelled due to choppy waves and poor visibility in the waters. What a bummer! This meant we had to come back at 2pm to reserve for the 3pm – 5pm session.

Too greedy; too much eggs for breakfast
Spot the monkeys!! You HAVE to remember to close and lock the balcony door if not this will happen. This group of foolish men left food in their balcony and didn’t close their door so the monkeys brazenly climbed up and in to have a feast
Because we now had time to kill, we went for the Aqua Gym session which is essentially water aerobics. This was a fun workout!
Went kayaking again to pass the time
Also built The Great Wall of Sand and got terribly sunburnt
After some drama of ours at the reservation hut, we were off for our snorkelling trip!
…and more corals. The water was pretty clear – not much to see but it was nice
My tired friends
After snorkelling, 2 of us decided to go for the Fitness Bootcamp to burn whatever sinful things we ate the previous day & make room for our ‘fine dining dinner’ later on. The instructor sure kicked our butts during the session! I highly recommend you guys to do this, especially if you’re one to like a challenge

So! If you’re sick of having buffet for dinner at the Waterfall Restaurant, you have the option of going for to La Terrasse Specialty Restaurant for some ‘fine dining’ aka ala carte dinner. You can only reserve seats on the day itself, early in the morning at the Waterfall Restaurant. Be early cause there are limited seats and it’ll fill up fast!

Dishes for the night!
La Terrasse Specialty Restaurant is also where they serve late breakfasts and lunches. It’s also buffet-style but with a much smaller variety
For soup, I chose the Cold Tomato Gazpacho
Starters: Tuna Tataki with Ponzu Sauce (this was really nice!)
Main Course: Grilled Salmon with Cauliflower Puree, Roasted Garden Vegetables and Mushrooms
Dessert: Triple Chocolate Brownies (this was sooooo rich and good!)
Some Mahjong for our post-dinner activity. There were missing tiles and everything was such a mess. Irresponsible people! We tried to put the sets together but there were too many missing pieces
Dinner part 2 — you can tell I’m such a glutton & I love desserts hahahahahaha

We were too tired from the day’s activities that we skipped the night’s entertainment and headed back to our rooms to watch TV and slowly fall asleep.

A love letter from Club Med Bintan

Day 3

Our last day in paradise. We took it easy and hung around the pool, the beach, went snorkelling, and stuffed our faces with food and drinks till it was time to head to the ferry terminal.

Downing many cups of slow-pressed juices to get that healthy kick (only available in the morning at the hut nearest to the beach)
Guests treated to some light bites by the pool
My friends sleeping after lunch… … … 
Killing time and eating
The beach of Club Med Bintan

That marks the end of my Club Med experience. I’d definitely go back again although I’d prefer to head to other Club Med locations.

We did so many things during a short period of time — kayaking, stand up paddling, snorkelling, aqua gym, fitness boot camp, yoga, badminton, volleyball — that it became kind of our very own fitness and wellness ‘retreat’.

This programme sheet is really useful for one to plan one’s day. Remember to get a copy!

Duration: 3 Days 2 Nights
Price: SGD487/pax
Type: Off-peak period (End March/Early April), Sunday – Tuesday

We didn’t have to fork out additional money — I would say about 90% – 95% of the things in Club Med are already included in the price you’ve paid. Some examples of additional costs would be trips you’d like to take out of Club Med or the DIY Tie Dye Workshop (you have to purchase their Club Med shirt to be able to take part).

If you stick to the things that are all provided for in the package, you won’t be worrying about paying another penny! Everyone should try Club Med at least once in their lives.

Also, I was just looking at the prices for Club Med Phuket and I realise that the costs are higher if you have an uneven number of pax! For 2 pax it was about SGD700+/pax but when I changed it to 3 pax, the price increased to SGD900+/pax. Did a search for 4 pax and the rates were back to SGD700+/pax. It’s something worth taking a look at so if you’re thinking of going with a group, make sure there’s an even number of people.

I was supposed to post about Japan but I put it on hold for a very long time cause it’s a mess and I don’t know where to begin but I’ll get about doing it… someday.

If you’re looking at spending less for a place like Bintan, you can check out my time at Bintan Spa Villa Beach Resort here. There isn’t much to do but that’s the whole idea when people go to Bintan, isn’t it? To chill, suntan and do nothing.

So, in the meantime, till the next adventure!



You can check out my Instagram highlight ‘CLUB MED 🇮🇩 ’19’ for more visuals of my trip

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