Riding Through Dubai โ€” Big Bus Style ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ช

Day 2 of Big Bus Tour

Places/activities covered:
Sharjah Tour (Available only at 10.30am on Mon, Wed, Sat)
The description in the guide says there are two stops โ€” Heritage Area and Blue Souk โ€” but when we were on the tour we only alighted at the Blue Souk and went back to Dubai after that.
โ€ฃ Starting & Ending Point: WAFI Courtyard
โ€ฃ Stop(s): Blue Souk

City Tour (Red line)
โ€ฃ Al Fahidi Fort
โ€ฃ Dubai Museum (Location for Arabian Treasures Walking Tour; 2mins walk from Al Fahidi Fort)
โ€ฃ Walking Tour: Arabian Treasures Walking Tour
โ€ฃ Ending Point: Spice & Gold Souk
โ€ฃ Back to Dubai Mall for the Dubai Night Tour

Sharjah Tour (~3+ Hours)

A little snack just before the start of the Sharjah Tour. The half-day tour featured only two stops; most of the time was spent on the bus.

Sharjah Cultural Palace.

Stop 1: Blue Souk. Home to > 600 shops selling jewellery, antiques, rugs, clothes, arts and crafts, etc.

View outside Blue Souk.

Headed to the meeting point for the Arabian Treasures Walking Tour.

On the way to Grand Souk Deira.

Had a taste of camel milk ice cream. Did not like it.

Entrance of Grand Souk Deira.

Walking along the streets to Dubai Mall from our Airbnb apartment which was about 7min walk away.

Dubai Night Tour (2 hours 45 mins)

A daily night tour that brings you to see ‘dark’ side of Dubai, this is a definite must-do!! The bus departs at 7.45pm and we thought arriving at 7.30pm would give us ample time to get seats but to our horror the top deck was 95% filled when we reached! Please arrive earlier so you can get a comfortable spot. After all, you’re spending the whole duration on the bus (it isn’t a hop-on-hop-off tour).

We almost couldn’t get seats!!

Kicked off the tour with a stunning view of Burj Khalifa.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab in the background.

Guess what this is.

It’s ART.

We went in March, night time getting to 23ยฐc and it got pretty chilly that covering up + a scarf wasn’t enough. 3/4 way into the journey I couldn’t take the wind chills and hair constantly slapping my face so I retreated to the lower deck in search of warmth, trading the night views for comfort. Which also means that there’s no more pictures to share.

So that’s it for our Big Bus Adventure! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and wish we had time to buy the 5-day pass instead. Two days isn’t enough to cover all that you want to see. We had to rush through some things in order to make the timing for the complimentary walking tours. There’s even options to go to Abu Dhabi which I would’ve loved to do too.

I’m ending the post with some additional pictures of things we did the day after which was just hanging around Dubai Mall aka mostly me making my mum patronize Western food spots.

Slide to see the views from our Airbnb apartment; walking distance to Dubai Mall which is exactly why we chose to stay there. Luckily there wasn’t any on-going construction with the building directly in front of us if not it would’ve been a nightmare.

View from the apartment’s pool.

On our way to the last leg of the trip.

The end! Our last night in Dubai was spent in a 5-star resort hotel which I was so psyched about. More details in the next post so till then! โ˜บ

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